PAMP Silver Bars

USD 755.14

Country: Switzerland

Manufacturer: PAMP

Size: 116 mm x 53 mm x 17.5 mm

Purity: .999

Fine Weight: 1 kg (32.151 troy oz)

Tax Status: No Tax/No GST

Product Information:The PAMP 1 kg cast silver bar is a highly polished bar with a silver fineness of .999 produced by PAMP Suisse.

PAMP is one of the largest and most prestigious precious refineries in the world. Based in Castel San Pietro in the Swiss canton of Ticino, the refinery is renowned worldwide for its high quality and state-of-the-art gold bar and silver bar products.

The front of PAMP’s 1 kg cast silver bar is stamped with the country of manufacture, bar weight and fineness. Each PAMP 1 kg cast silver bar has a unique 6-digit serial number engraved on its front surface.

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Fine Weight

PAMP Silver Bar – 1 kg, PAMP Silver Bar – Circulated in good condition – 1 kg